Top 5 ESSENTIAL Google Apps for Small Business in 2020

Top 5 ESSENTIAL Google Apps in 2020

Today I breakdown our top 5 free Google apps and tools that are essential for small business in 2020.

In today’s fast-changing online environment every small and local business must evolve and change in order to remain relevant in today’s marketplace by adopting these essential online tools.

Each of the five apps and tools we cover in this video focus on optimising 5 important areas of day to day business operations.

These core areas include online marketing, monitoring website performance, productivity and collaboration, communication and keyword research.

Top 5 ESSENTIAL Google Apps for Small Business in 2020 (FREE Tools)

1. The first essential app for small business is called Google My Business. This is one of the most important tools for for local businesses that operate in specific locations. This tool helps drive online exposure, website traffic, foot traffic, phone calls, leads and sales.

2. The second important tool we cover in the above video is called Google Analytics. This is an essential tool for monitoring and understanding website performance. 

3. Google Drive is the third tool, this is important for productivity and collaboration. This free tool has many apps within Google Drive that allow you to foster productivity and enhance project management and collaboration.

4. Google Meet is the fourth free and essential tool for small business. This is now a free video conferencing tool that allows your team to communicate internally or with clients for free. This tool has many features making it a better, safer and a more secure option over ZOOM and other video conferencing tools.

5. The keyword planner can be found in your Google Ads account. This tool is essential for keyword research.


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